Our property consists of 38 acres of land located directly on Jordan Harbour, a class one wetland.

We have 1800’ of frontage on the Harbour.  The vineyards are surrounded by 6 acres of rare Carolinian forest, home to some very unique varieties of trees and plants.

Our vineyards are planted on very fertile sandy loam soils with a clay stratum running about three feet under the surface.  This provides a well drained soil for the roots to grow in, as well as a water abundant soil in times of drought.

Being located less than 2000’ from Lake Ontario, we enjoy the moderating effects that it provides.

When we started the winery in 1999, we utilized the existing facilities, our peach packing barn and cold storages, by converting them to a small retail shop and processing area.  Over the years as our production increased, we added small additions and finally ended up with several tanks outside.  This was a big challenge to the winemaking process.  So in 2015 we embarked on an expansion project which was completed in 2017.  It added a total of 11000 sq. ft. to the existing 3000 sq. ft.  It has more than doubled our production space.  It has doubled our retail space and allowed for parking for more than 20 vehicles directly in our lot plus space for busses.

From a production standpoint we were able to design a building from scratch.  This has allowed us to streamline our production through many efficiencies.  One of the big efficiencies was the addition of 4T bin capacity in harvest.

Consider taking our guided tours for more indepth discussion about the vineyards and production.

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