Handsome Beer started in a kitchen at home where the two founders were sharing some homebrew and had the crazy thought, “You know, we could sell this…” Of course, it’s not such a simple thing to up and start a brewery. We saved some money and did about as much ourselves as you can possibly do. No lawyers, no regulatory consultants, no recipe gurus, no branding firm. We strongly believe in a homemade approach, from beer development to label design.

There are hundreds of breweries opening across the country and we want to put out something special, so we take our time to make sure we’re serving up an excellent product. Our brewmaster and co-founder, Matt, has a PhD in microbiology and cell science – the primary disciplines necessary to understand the underlying processes of fermentation. We’re not just throwing together malt and hops, but rather, carefully selecting ingredients and using proper techniques to make great beer.

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