Halo is a small brewery, tasting room, and bottle shop located in Toronto's Junction Triangle. Well, technically we're 10 steps on the other side of the tracks, but who's counting?

We make ales that are rooted in the Belgian and American brewing philosophies of artistry and experimentation, which is just a fancy way of saying that we refuse to let the same old beer styles restrict us. We use fruit, spices, and other unique ingredients in our recipes to complement the flavours of our malt, hops, and yeast. The more interesting the ingredient, the better. So if you happen to be a gene-splicing scientist hell-bent on creating the latest novel fruit or fermentative microorganism, we should talk.

Who exactly is 'we'? We're Callum Hay and Eric Portelance. We began as homebrewers in our respective basements, mimicking and building off any awesome recipe we could get our hands on. Why? Because the kinds of beer we like to drink weren't available in Ontario or, more appropriately, they were as elusive as a unicorn – a sweet delicious beer unicorn. Eventually, we decided to join forces, say goodbye to our day jobs, and bring our beer to the masses.

We're probably definitely our most picky customers, always iterating, and then reiterating on that iteration, and then reiterating on the (reiterated)n-1 iteration. (You get the idea.) Anyone who's met us knows that we're geeks at heart and, while we're known to dig deep on the technical side of brewing, we strive to make interesting beer that could convert even the biggest anti-beer crusader.

We are forever indebted to the amazing brewers who came before us and freely shared their knowledge with the brewing community. As our way of giving back, we're committed to not only sharing our beer with you, but also our recipes and processes. Cheers!

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