Gruppo Italiano Vini is the number one wine grower-producer in Italy and a global leader in the production and sales of excellent wines. The Group owns 15 historic cellars with celebrated brands that are distributed worldwide. These properties are surrounded by their own vineyards, beautiful expanses of territory totalling 1,340 hectares and lying within Italy’s most prestigious wine-producing areas. Founded in 1986, the Group has its headquarters in the eighteenth-century Villa Belvedere on Lake Garda in the province of Verona. Gruppo Italiano Vini is unique within the international wine-producing world for its ability to combine the advantages of a small structure with those of a big company.

Every estate in the Group’s portfolio adheres scrupulously to each steps of the production process: cultivation of the vines, harvesting, vinification, maturing and bottling under the expert and professional guidance of agronomists, oenologists and cellar managers.

The Group excels in sales and service; its extensive sales organisation is specialised by channel and supported by structured marketing strategies and modern, efficient integrated logistics services.

This is a major advantage for the Group’s clients, who can choose from a vast selection of superb Italian wines via a simple system: one order, one delivery, one invoice. The Group’s extensive international experience makes it extremely versatile and able to respond to the demands of a constantly changing market.

The Gruppo Italiano Vini’s objective is to enhance its already considerable “brand wealth”.

Our mission is to optimise Italian wine production across all phases of the production process and to promote the distribution and reputation of Italian wines worldwide.

Our Group’s production philosophy is to ensure an “ethical production process”, which guarantees the quality of each step of every phase of the process, from careful tending of the vines to their meticulous management in the cellar to efficient service.

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