Artevino started her journey in the viticulture world by Gonzalo Antón who gathered a group of friends and companies and established Bodegas IZADI in the heart of Rioja Alavesa en 1987.

Villabuena de Álava, where lots of families are related with the viticulture world, was the selected country in which was built an innovative winery dedicated in elaborating the high-quality wine.

The wide knowledge about the hospitality sector inspired Gonzalo Antón to conceive IZADI, the wine which has soon won the reputation in the world of gastronomy since its appearance on the market. In turn, the incorporation of the new elaboration technique and its big ambition of being perfection drove Bodegas IZADI to create its own style lasting for a long period.

In 2000, Lalo Antón, the son of Gonzalo Antón, incorporated in the company and reinforced the commercialization towards the world outside the boundary. With the expansion of the company, Finca Villacreces (D.O. Ribera del Duero), Bodegas Vetus (D.O. Toro y D.O. Rueda) y Orben (D.O.Ca. Rioja) were one after another integrated under the big group named ARTEVINO.

We put enormous efforts in taking care of all the details for all the projects that we invested. We look for the identity and the character of each specific region, hoping the grand value of the group will be grown with the grape.

Artevino consists of Bodegas Izadi, Bodegas Orben, Finca Villacreces y Bodegas Vetus, whose philosophy is to elaborate fine wine based on the indigenous varieties plotted the most celebrated and prestigious.

We invite you to know all of our wines:
zone of denomination in Spain, for example, : D.O.Ca. Rioja, D.O. Ribera del Duero, D.O. Toro y D.O. Rueda. Every of our wineries are there for offering the essence of each of the denominations.

In Artevino, we respect people, including those who want to know the enthusiasm of the wine as well as those who share their worries. We are open to all the constructive dialogue in the passionate world of oenology,
viticulture and gastronomy. With this ambition, if you want to know us more closely, all of our wineries are open for you to enjoy the happiness in the wine world.

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