Groundswell Brewing Company was founded in our living room with a small group of friends.

Kevin had been home-brewing for about 25 years and taking up all the space in the garage with his growing array of brew equipment. He finally agreed to move it to a large shed in the backyard, but then bought a commercial, one-barrel system that HAD to go somewhere other than the shed or the garage.

Voila. Groundswell.

Today, Groundswell is a team of passionate and skilled craft brew lovers. Together, this team advances a beer philosophy of high-quality and flavor-filled beers that enhance the San Diego lifestyle.

We are huge advocates of craft beer. If you are looking to try craft beer, we’d love to be your first. We just want you to drink craft. Craft is craft. Drink it here. Drink it there. Drink it anywhere. (With apologies to Dr. Seuss.)

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