In 2003, Joan et Josep Cusiné, their wives MªElena Jiménez and Marta Casas (winemakers in Parés Baltà) and the winemaker Jordi Fernandez, started a new and exciting project in the Priorat region.

That was the begining of Gratavinum whose name comes from the contraction of Gratallops (the name of the village where the winery is located) and Vinum, which means wine in Latin, in homage to the Romans, who introduced the cultivation of vines in the region many centuries ago.

In accordance with our philosophy of being always respectful to the environment and biodiversity, we cultivate our vineyards organically, without pesticides or herbicides. We use sulfur dust to combat powdery Mildiu, the mildew in Bordeaux broth and Bacillus thurigensis to the worm of the vineyard, so that all the grapes arrive in the best conditions. We do not irrigate our vines so that their roots are as deeply as possible, in order to find water, better withstand periods of drought and more at the same time remove all the soil.

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