Simply put, Grape Therapy is our interpretation of what a good wine bar should be. Comfortable and intimate yet not pretentious. A place to pop for a quick glass and end up walking back out late at night, wondering where the hours went.

As far as wine is concerned we want to share two things. Firstly a passion for drinking wines at their absolute best, and that often means with some age. We have corkscrews and we are not afraid to use them. Our list is an ever-changing history of Australian wine, with rarely seen back vintages of old favourites and legendary classics that truly show the best of what our wonderful country can produce. These gems are never available in large quantities – there to discover and enjoy for a brief moment, only to disappear from the list forever.

The second thing we love is sharing our knowledge of the small producers, the wines you haven’t heard of but need in your life. The boutique winemakers who grow, produce, bottle, market and sell, usually all with purple stained hands and in a pair of steel capped boots. We are lucky to name many of them friends. These wines are not to be found in large bottle shops, they are reserved for the likes of us and we are proud to share them with you. Not only are they wonderful value for money, they are a true reflection of Australian regionality. If you look closely you may even see a winemaker in the bar sharing a drink with us from time to time (remember, just look for the hands and the boots…).

Most of all we refuse to penalise anyone for choosing to drink great wines. Our policy is simple, no large mark-ups, a simple $20 drink in charge per bottle whether it’s our house Sauvignon Blanc or a bottle of 30 year old Hill of Grace. We probably won’t give you a decanter for the Sauv Blanc though.

Food wise we like to keep things simple, based on our experience of the wonderful wine bars and cantinas of Europe. No chefs, just beautiful cheese and charcuterie boards, all hand-selected to pair perfectly with our wines. For something more substantial you are welcome to order food from the Italian restaurant above and have it delivered to your table.

One thing we have learnt is to stick to what we know. For this reason we do not dabble in cocktails or coffee. We offer a small selection of beers and premium sipping spirits, but make no apology for the fact that we are at heart a wine bar.

We are delighted to welcome old friends and new to the bar and hope to see you here soon.

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