The Granville Park Bowls Club has undergone quite a few changes over its lengthy history, including name and location.  The 'official' start date of the club can be set at October 20th, 1915 (at the Labor Temple at 411 Dunsmuir) when a number of the lawn bowlers of Vancouver gathered to discuss forming a bowls club on dedicated land.  Prior to this, bowls had been mainly played on private 'estates' and this was becoming untenable.  Many had been bowling on the 'old Arnold estate' on 25th Avenue near Granville, but as this estate was being wound up, an alternate place was required.  At the above noted meeting (from which a number of bowlers are said to have left midway, suggesting that controversy has never been far away) a slate of officers was elected, of which F.C. Saunders was the President and the name of the new bowls club was decided - The City Lawn Bowling Club.  The club bowled on the "Arnold property", which was owned by Canadian Pacific Railway on 25th Avenue near Granville Street and they paid an annual rent.  Annual dues were set at $5.00.  The close connection which the club had with the C.P.R. can be seen in the fact that the honourary president of the club until 1924 was D.E. Brown, the General Superintendent of the C.P.R.   It should be noted that, as was the norm at the time, the club was for men only.  There was a separate Ladies Bowling Club for which there was no charge (the Ladies Club consisted of wives of male members).  The account of the club's history now takes an annalistic form.

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