The two adages: ‘great wine is made in the vineyard’, and ‘focus on getting the basics right the first time’ are what guide us in our quest to craft highly individual wines of exceptional quality and universal appeal.

This approach signifies the golden thread which is indelibly woven through our winemaking journey – from each unique vineyard block to each glass of Graham Beck wine. It is of cardinal importance to truly ‘know your vineyard’ so that you can identify its unique terroir and fruit characteristics – this ‘vinous fingerprint’ will be reflected in the final product and is a testimony to our unbridled commitment to raising the bar in terms of quality and consistency.

In the vineyards we continuously strive to follow the optimal practices to ensure total balance, as far as possible avoiding additional stress factors and ensuring by all means possible that we harvest at optimal ripeness – a task made easier with the wonders of modern technology at our disposal.

Once in the cellar the grapes are coaxed into displaying their authentic essence through minimal interference, gentle extraction and judicious use of oaking. Each wine is made with the intention of creating a symbol of fresh, concentrated fruit expression with a succulent, soft tannin structure.

It is our hope that in each and every glass of Graham Beck wine you will savour our intense commitment to creating world class wines of unparalleled distinction and inimitable character. It brings us joy to give you pleasure.

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