Since the Early Modern Period, numerous important clerical and political dignitaries in the entire Southern Germany have come from the Counts von Schönborn. Due to their economic impulses, their extensive building activities and their active participation in the cultural life in each of the following epochs, the Counts von Schönborn did not only determine the cultural life in Franken and the Rheingau in a considerable way.


Since the 12th century, the Counts von Schönborn have been part of the Rhenish knightage. Around 1349 their vineyards in Winkel in the Rheingau were registered documentary for the first time. Until the middle of the 17th century, the Counts von Schönborn were living in their area of origin in the Rheingau and in the Taunus. During this time, many vineyards were purchased in Rheingau boundaries. As of the middle of the 17th century, the brothers Johann Philipp and Philipp Erwein von Schönborn laid the foundation stone for the material prosperity and cultural wealth of the family. 

The Family of the Counts von Schönborn today

Since 1998, after having finished his studies in the USA, S. E. Paul Count von Schönborn has been leading the middle-class enterprise and managing the branched properties at home and abroad. These comprise the wine estates in Rheingau and in Franken, the agricultural businesses, the cultivation of forests and ponds as well as the extensive land properties. Moreover, he presides over the non-profit Foundation Schloss Weißenstein in Pommersfelden as the administrator of the foundation. S. E. Paul Count von Schönborn is the patron of the Collegium Musicum which was brought into being by his father Dr. Karl Count von Schönborn in 1958. The clerical commitment, too, is still playing an important role within the family: Christoph Schönborn is the current cardinal and archbishop of Vienna. 
Teresa Countess von Schönborn manages the Casa Cadaval estate in Portugal. Besides agriculture and horse breeding, wines are grown there, too, which belong to the top of the Portuguese vintages.

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