Goldwater Brewing Co. is a family owned and operated brewery with over 30+ years of brewing history, knowledge, passion and experience which allows them to push the boundaries of great craft beer. Located in Old Town, Scottsdale, Goldwater's industrial-contemporary styled tap room boasts 20+ of their very own craft beers including specialty one-off brews that they come up with on a whim - all served directly from their brite tanks and tap system.

From brewing, to serving, to distributing, Goldwater Brewing Co. makes it convenient for their customers to enjoy great beer in the Goldwater Tap Room, as well as at multiple bars and restaurants around the valley of the sun. With the addition of using National Beverage Management to clean their beer lines at all distributed locations, Goldwater Brewing Co. can guarantee high quality beers poured at any and all locations that will serve them.

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