Revival of Mead, A Legendary Beverage

The  Golden Age Meadery strives to recreate the forgotten ancient recipes and revive the time - honoured traditions of good cheer. We make our mead by applying the knowledge of the health - giving properties of herbs.



We hope you enjoy our mead, whether in making witty toasts, having stimulating conversations, rekindling dormant sparks of inspiration and creativity, or simply spending time among kindred spirits.

Thousands of years of turning honey into wine

For thousands of years, man has sought to find the sources of joy and transcendence in daily life. Along with music, dancing and art, mankind discovered and harnessed the magic of wine making. As a gift from the gods, wine was used in spiritual ceremonies, public festivities, and to simply relax and enjoy the company of good friends. Honey has been utilized in wine making since the dawn of history. The myths of different cultures depict the Gods sipping a drink based on fermented honey with herbs. It is known by many names the Balche of Central America, the Soma of Ancient India, the Nectar of the Gods in Ancient Greece.

Honey is recognized to have a wide range of healing and health - improving powers. When the beneficial properties of various herbs, fruits, berries and spices are combined with honey, they produce a potent beverage offering a variety of benefits to mind and body alike.

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