Global Wine is born from our passion for Portugal and for Portuguese wine. This patrimony has never been as wide-spread and as appreciated in the whole world as it is now. As a company, Global Wines is proud to be in the front lines of the promotion and defense of their patrimony.

We do so through our iconic brands from the Dão region (Cabriz and Casa de Santar) and with our ground-breaking brands such as Quinta do Encontro, our reinterpretation of the Alentejo region, with Monte da Cal and last but not least, our green wines.

To tell our story and our path is to relive the history of the Portuguese wine market in the last 25 years. Professionalism, vision, ethics and responsibility are values that are inherent to us and to which we strive for each day.

The Dão region was the beginning of this long and passionate relationship with wine, whose presence is rapidly spreading to other regions like the region of green wines, Bairrada, Lisboa and Alentejo. But our dreams and ambitions are endless so we went further and created a unique project in Brazil that joined the semi-arid climate with the Portuguese vines. The result was modern wines and a new world with the Portuguese touch of our vine varieties. We have plenty of challenges, but we face them head on, without fear and fully committed. That is why the next two decades will be extraordinary in our path through the world of wines.

We are proud to present the Portuguese wine heritage in a graceful and serious manner to the entire world.

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