Glenterra Vineyards maintains 5 acres of organic dry farmed vineyards in the Cowichan Valley.

Additional grapes are purchased as needed from vineyards that use similarly responsible farming methods. Our farming practices include mechanical weed control under the vine row to create a mulch which supresses the weeds, creates organic matter and moisture as it breaks down. The use of beneficial insects and sticky tape for insect control, extensive canopy management to create airflow through our vineyard, which greatly reduces mildew and botrytis pressure. No chemical herbicides, systemic fungicides or pesticides are used, only natural fertilizers with organic ingredients  and our composted pomace for the vineyard.

We are proud to have been farming our property in this sustainable manner for 20 years.

Since the 2010 vintage our winemaking emphasized a minimalist & natural approach, no enzymes used at crush, indigenous yeast fermentation, no animal based fining products. (vegan friendly) and minimal use of sulphites. These protocols produce wines with vibrant character that are expressive of their terroir.

Due to our natural winemaking & minimal sulphite additions we advise that wine be stored in a cool place.



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