Our beers are crafted and brewed on our state-of-the-art brew system from IDD. The brewhouse features a mash press which uses a series of filters to increase productivity and prevent stuck mashes. This unique brewing system allows our creative style to flourish and evolve. Not only is our brewhouse inventive, it is also incredibly efficient. With each batch we save 30% more water than standard breweries and average 98% grain efficiency. 

Another important part of our brewing system is our flash pasteurizer. All of our low IBU beers are pasteurized, in-line, to increase stability and shelf life. The beer enters the pasteurizer carbonated at 33 degrees (ºF) and is steam heated up to 160 degrees then back down to 34 degrees in 18 seconds. The beer is taste tested before and after pasteurization. No variation has ever been detected. 

Our spent grain is shipped to a local farmer/ family neighbor at the end of each brew day. The grain is then fed to his cattle. They come running when they hear the delivery coming down the road. 

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