Gérard Bertrand is the leading expert from the South of France recognized by all wine lovers. As a wine-grower and owner of flagship estates, he has acquired a unique expertise in the terroirs of Languedoc-Roussillon.

Brought up in the Languedoc vineyards, Gérard Bertrand is committed to sharing the characteristics and exceptional diversity of each of the terroirs of this region which produces sparkling wines, reds, whites, rosés, varietal wines or appellation wines. A rich array of promises to fulfill all tasting expectations.

Twenty years of know-how ensures that wines bearing Gérard Bertrand’s signature have a unique style whose creation is driven each day by four fundamental values: excellence, authenticity, conviviality and innovation.

As the Ambassador of the Mediterranean Art de Vivre, Gérard Bertrand loves to promote and share the cultural and gastronomic riches of the South of France by way of the numerous wine-tourism activities at Chateau l’Hospitalet.


"It gives me great pleasure to present our wines, all designed with one single purpose - to share with you our passion for Art de Vivre."

"My signature, Gérard Bertrand, serves to show my commitment and my approach which for the last 20 years have been aimed at revealing the unique terroirs of the region with an enduring passion and enthusiasm; qualities which the press and international competitions have regularly highlighted. Excellence, authenticity, conviviality and innovation are the values which guide me every day as I craft my wines.

I am passionate about the Mediterranean lifestyle and I want to promote and share the cultural and gastronomic riches of the South of France through the numerous wine tourism activities available at Chateau l’Hospitalet."


The Languedoc over the last 30 years, and today the region has reaffirmed its position as a leading producer of quality wine, with internationally-renowned winegrowing and tourist facilities.

When you think of the South of France, sun, sea and holidays automatically spring to mind. The climate is famously mild, with an average of 2400 hours of sunshine per year in the Languedoc-Roussillon region. The region is fanned by sea breezes, with the relatively arid landscape basking in the sunshine beneath clear, blue skies. The numerous hills and the Pyrenees mountain range help offset the aridity and break up the heat waves that can strike the region. These gifts from nature are a boon for winemakers, making the Languedoc-Roussillon’s a land of extraordinary oenological potential which is home to the most diverse array of grape varieties in the world.The Romans recognised the potential of this unique terroir, producing vast amounts of wine here for export all over the empire.Honouring this prestigious heritage, significant efforts have been made to restructure the Languedoc over the last 30 years, and today the region has reaffirmed its position as a leading producer of quality wine, with internationally-renowned winegrowing and tourist facilities.


In 1924, Rudolf Steiner introduced the practice of biodynamics, a method which involves much more than simply eschewing artificial chemicals. Biodynamic winegrowing involves nurturing the soil and the vines in their natural environment using preparations of plant, animal and mineral origin (cow horns, herb, quartz etc.). The preparations are made with dynamised water and applied at specific times in accordance with the astronomic cycle (moon, sun and planets). The “planting calendar” produced by Maria Thun summarises this delicate natural rhythm, showing the optimum days for sowing, pruning and harvesting. Biodynamic practices were introduced at the Domaine de Cigalus in 2002. In a bid to introduce the same principles to other Gérard Bertrand estates, biodynamic agriculture is now used for eight of Gérard Bertrand's estates.


Gérard Bertrand has made a strong, voluntary commitment to sustainable development, responding to the growing demand from consumers as well as the global need to reduce the adverse effects of greenhouse gases on the climate. Establishing partnerships with organic farmers, acting to preserve our landscapes and winegrowing terroirs, and promoting biodiversity are ker priorities for Gérard Bertrand and his winemaking teams. We adhere to responsible agricultural specifications within our estates, applying Terra Vitis and organic farming standards. Some of our vineyards are managed following biodynamic guidelines, certified by DEMETER.

“Preserving the environment durably, restoring harmony, maintaining ecosystems, putting the emphasis on the skill of our winemakers, reaching out to new generations: these are the challenges we face today, and the obligations we will be faced with tomorrow.”


From the discovery of the Tautavel man to the Roman hegemony in Narbonne, via the Visigoth occupation and the Cathar heresy, Languedoc-Roussillon’s past is steeped in rich history. At the beginning of the 20th Century, a phylloxera epidemic, coupled with overproduction and widespread fraud, wrought havoc for winegrowers, who subsequently decided to revolt. Since the 1950s the wines of the Languedoc have become increasingly refined, and the best estates now produce wines of truly exceptional quality. Gérard Bertrand is determined to drive this progress even further, through continued innovation and by creating internationally-renowned appellations and wines.

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