Manny asked me to write up a history of the brewery for the website. 

In general, I find history pieces really boring. It’s always the same kind of thing about how the founders loved beer so much, they decided to quit their boring insurance jobs where they couldn’t drink beer for a living, and dedicate their lives to brewing well crafted beers. 

First of all, everyone loves beer. Even if you don’t, you know someone that does. Second, everyone hates their boring jobs and wishes they could drink beer for work. Third, no one sets out to intentionally make bad beer, even at Strangebrew in Port Townsend. 

Instead, I wrote a really impassioned think piece about growlers, how the growth of our growler program mirrored the history of the company. It was really clever. Or brave. Or meta. I thought it was good. And I’m pretty sure I didn’t mention cats once. 

But Manny wanted something more along the lines about how he and Roger met over their love of ultimate frisbee (aka, beer drinking) and wanted to start a business together because they hated working for The Man and they actually wanted to open up a cat food company. Just kidding, they wanted to start a brewery. Literally: they loved beer, quit an insurance job (that was Roger, Manny may or may not have been employed at the time) and wanted to make really good beer. You know, boring.

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