Garry Oaks Estate Winery is located on a terraced ten-acre vineyard carved out of the south-facing gravel slopes overlooking the Burgoyne Valley on Salt Spring Island, British Columbia, Canada.

In 1999, Marcel Mercier and Elaine Kozak purchased a hundred-year old farm on Salt Spring Island and began the long process of converting it from sheep-grazing to wine-growing. Seven acres were planted to vine and a winery built. A century-old orchard of apple, pear, plum and cherry trees was rehabilitated and stand of magnificent Garry Oaks was preserved and gives the winery estate its name. In 2016, Marcel and Elaine retired from wine-making to pursue another adventure and handed the award winning winery and beautiful estate to Nalini Samuel, who has turned over a new leaf to continue the legacy of making great wine and preserving the land which grows healthy fruit. Nalini’s positive energy and vision for the winery is infectious, she plans to introduce a sparkling and dessert wine program.

Our mission is to make wines we’re proud of, and to have fun doing it.

Sustainability and Philanthropy is the Purpose of Garry Oaks Estate Winery

Tread lightly on the earth, using less than we produce and giving back to the community is our purpose.

At Garry Oaks, we have taken steps to reduce energy, water and waste on the vineyard. We have installed LED lights, improved recycling and composting systems, and installed faucet aerators and low flow toilets. We are committed to reducing the environmental impacts. All our wines are Estate grown and bottled, meaning we grow our grapes sustainably and only bottle what we grow. We have completed and registered a comprehensive plan under the BC Environmental Farm Plan Program and employ many organic practices. We have large scale mulching and composting program that converts over 20 tons of mowing, pruning, pomace and horse manure (from our neighbors) into nutrient rich material that we use to build the organic structure of our soil. We use fertilizers made from mined minerals and peat. We use TCA free cork (the most earth friendly closures), recycled ecofriendly bottles, and recycled local paper and reusable natural jute bags to package our wine.

We offer only locally sourced food and beverage choices for our guests including Certified Organic

We track and measure our energy, water and waste consumption and production. We have a sustainability action plan with measurable goals and timelines. We responsibly monitor our progress to leave as little carbon footprint as possible and continually strive to reduce more in every aspect of our winery and vineyard as we grow. We depend on nature to all our water from rain and drinking water from well. We compost and recycle everything on the vineyard. To maintain an ecological balance and preserve our health and wellbeing, we use natural products for cleaning. We educate our guests on the variety of local causes in our community; in particular the preservation of the Garry Oak trees, our namesake, is integral to philosophy. We have an active program to re-introduce and foster flora indigenous to Garry Oak meadow around our trees and offer seedlings for planting in suitable sights. We promote local natural and cultural heritage in our community and we show respect for the land through our philanthropy.

We support and encourage our guests to be philanthropic and informed; we donate a portion of their tasting fees to a local charity of their choice. We train our employees about your environmental policies so that they are properly implementing them. We encourage them to volunteer for Earth Day and other organizations that help the environment. We make a point of buying things from local suppliers and deliberately choose things like recycled paper, eco-friendly cleaning supplies, low VOC-paint, and other low-impact products and services. 

Tasting Room Hours of Operation

Open 12-4 pm Saturdays & Sundays in April, May and October

Open Daily 12-4 pm from June 1st to September 31st

Closed November to March

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