GAR-aH-Jeest NOrTH Wine Festival…
Picked by London Financial Times as one of the top five new festivals in the world!

Presenting the coolest small lot wineries in BC:

Welcome to Garagiste North: The Small Producers Wine Festival!

What is a garagiste? (gar-ah-jeest).  It started out in France (of course) where it was a derogatory phrase for those avante garde and crazy mavericks making wine in their garage and outside the highly regulated system. Gradually and grudgingly came the acknowledgement that something really interesting was happening with these small case lot artisan wines, and a movement was born.

We bring together the small guys. Wines produced from 100% Canadian grapes and under 2000 cases total production annually.  

Come out to one of our events and we'll help introduce you to these up and coming wine stars. 

GAR-aH-Jeest NOrTH…the coolest wine festival ever

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