A passion for our land, a deep respect for tradition and, at the same time, innovation, research and meticulous attention towards quality, promotion and distribution of our own products.

These are the guidelines for Gancia’s activity and these are the values and the principles which have been ever present and ever confirmed in over 150 years of company history.

Gancia began its activity in a tiny corner of Piedmont and now, with the authority that its own credibility confirms, is turning to the entire World.

Gancia has always been considered, all over the World, a spokesman of the Italian lifestyle and celebrating: a toast with friends, taking pleasure in the extra ordinary moments of life, organising an aperitif with acquaintances. Gancia has promoted the Italian drinking culture all over the world and that of drinking with quality in Italy thanks to its selection and to the distribution of spirits and specialities.

Gancia, with its sparkling wines, wines and aperitifs is the pride and joy of the continuous Made in Italy entrepreneurship.

The bonds of trust which characterise Gancia’s relationships with all those involved in production have been carefully woven over the years and are based upon self and mutual respect, alimented by the constant and rewarding exchange of competence and know-how.

Everything begins, today like yesterday, from a continual and direct contact with the vineyard and with the land, with the producers, with the capriciousness of the weather and the experience of who can forecast the yearly harvest.

To continually guarantee Gancia’s excellence, its close identity with the working of the land and its own origins are vital and fundamental.
It is from this strong identity that the Gancia style is born, unchanged over the years and solid in its values.

When talking of quality the knowledge that no detail has been omitted is essential. The sun, the rain, the labour, all of which transform the land into wine through a series of delicate and risky passages, are all factors entrusted to the atmospheric cycle and to the experience of expert hands.

The search for the perfect product is the heart of Gancia’s culture: from the selection of the land to the inspection of the grapes, carefully harvested in baskets, from the soft grape pressing to the creation of the cuvée, each phase is performed almost with obsession. 

The peaceful resting of the bottles in the historical cellars completes this cycle, distinguished by the constant care and attention to the final result.

The products of Gancia narrate the story of a company which has never forgotten its origins and traditions despite its continuous innovation and renewal.

The path is long and emotional, travelling through artisan laboratories, careful experiments and strict scientific examination. It is from the eye of the artisan, sure of the past and projected into the future, that the new products are born; an expression of Gancia’s clear identity and recognisable throughout Italy and all over the world.

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