Fratelli Martini Secondo Luigi Spa, one of Italy’s largest, family-run wine producers, exemplifies the Martini family’s success, and its very founding brought about the realization of the family’s great winemaking dream. It was 1947 when Secondo Martini, Gianni’s father, alongside his brother Luigi, decided to transform the passion for their homeland, Le Langhe, into a business and thus founded the company. In the ‘70s with the entrance into the company of Gianni Martini, the president to this day, Fratelli Martini begins its international expansion, which will result in its continued success. An expansion that has gained additional momentum thanks to Eleonora, Gianni’s daughter, who has brought a fresh rush of energy and a feminine touch upon her joining the company in 2011. The company is headquartered in Cossano Belbo, its historic location, and today is engaged in an ambitious modernisation and expansion project in perfect harmony with its surrounding natural beauties. The company’s portfolio includes a number of different brands that see distribution all across the globe: Casa Sant’Orsola in Italy; CANTI, the Italian ambassador in the world; Collezione Marchesini; 35 Parallelo and il Cortigiano.

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