Few concepts are as old as beer and fatherhood. Some might even say that throughout much of human history, they have been irrevocably linked (but that is a story for another time.) This story starts in 2009 in small-town Ontario, with four hockey dads and their four hockey sons. Artist, entrepreneur, corporate exec and maverick, they gathered around a shared love of the handcrafted and authentic, and a vision of producing high-quality craft beers that could combine artistry and accessibility. Add a whole lot of time spent together in rinks and on soccer pitches, experimenting over stovetops, planting hops and touring microbreweries around the world, and slowly, things began to brew. That friendship, like our craft beers, is based on a simple formula: stand up 4 each other, stand up 4 something bigger than yourself and stand up 4 the antiquated notion that quality craft beer matters… and then be patient.

Today, it is the hallmark of Four Fathers Brewing: to make great craft beers that are notable for their rich and complex character, while allowing for both creativity and a respect for tradition to anchor everything we do. In the end, they remain the values we have raised our own families on, and they are the values we hope you can sense in every pint of Four Fathers. You won’t find them on our ingredient label, but they are there in every batch we brew. So why not join the family… and stand with us 4 great beer!

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