We are a family-owned, family-run artisan brewery. We are excited to be a part of the Renaissance in brewing that is unleashing the creativity of brewers and putting fresh, local beer within walking distance of more and more beer lovers. We have big dreams of staying small and preserving the homebrewing spirit of experimentation, quality and camaraderie. Cheers. 

Chapter 1: In 2009, after years of enjoying craft beer and mapping road trips to hit as many breweries as possible, we brewed our first batch on a whim. Like many homebrewers, we started with an 8 gallon stock pot picked up at the local restaurant supply store and a simple plastic bucket. Our first beer - an imperial stout - was good enough that we were emboldened to keep going. 27 more batches brewed on the kitchen stove followed.

Chapter 2: In 2012, we relocated to the garage and started brewing on a 20 gallon, semi-automated system and fermenting in a stainless, temperature controlled conical fermenter. This gave us a lot more control over the brewing process as well as a lot more beer to share. The notion of "going pro" (as homebrewers say) was still more daydream than plan. But we picked our name, a tribute to one of the unique aspects of Seattle (and fixture in our daily commute), and registered our domain just in case.

Chapter 3: In late 2014, we started focusing on making the dream a reality. After 9 months of location hunting, we signed our lease on a neighborhood location with a storied history. Adapting it to a brewery took a little more elbow-grease than other buildings might have, but we think it was worth it. After 11 months of demoing, jackhammering, cussing, cleaning, sheetrocking, eye washing, contractor wrangling, painting and cleaning we brewed our first batch in May 2016.

Chapter 4: We opened our doors on July 21st, 2016. Come visit and be a part of this next chapter!

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