The Finca La Estacada Center for Wine Tourism was originally a farm belonging to the descendants of King Ferdinand VII's widow, Maria Christina of the Two Sicilies.  It was bought by its current owners, the Cantarero Rodríguez family, in the mid-20th Century.

The plot was known as La Estacada as far back as Roman times, when the road between Segóbriga and Completum (now Alcalá de Henares) passed through it.  Milestones from the former road have been found here and you can see a replica of one in the winery.

In 2001, Finca la Estacada opened as a winery specializing in red wines and offering guided tours to visitors.  The tourism side of the business has grown rapidly as wine-themed vacations have become more popular.  We are now proud to own a restaurant with sought-after “Q de Calidad Turística” status, a four-star hotel with 25 bedrooms and stunning views of the vineyards, and a vinotherapy spa, where guests can enjoy wine with all five of their senses.

The complex is located near the town of Tarancón, 40 minutes by car from the world-famous cities of Madrid and Cuenca.

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