Alberta's First Cottage Winery: Field Stone Fruit Wines

Field Stone Fruit Wines launched in July of 2005, as Alberta’s first cottage winery. Our family-run winery and farm are nestled into 50 acres of mature berry orchards located forty minutes east of Calgary — just outside Strathmore — one of the sunniest regions in Canada.

For more than a decade, our popular “U-Pick” Bumbleberry Orchards had been known for its exceptional fruit — harvesting plump, extra-sweet, sun-kissed berries grown using biological farming principles and the best of Mother Nature.

Receiving the very first cottage winery license in Alberta for developing fruit wine, Field Stone Fruit Wines, with our expert Winemaker, established the process for vinting our own farm fresh saskatoons, strawberries, raspberries, chokecherries, and rhubarb into succulent and delicate combinations. From orchard to bottle, farm to table, our wines grew from farmgate and winery direct sales to popular Farmers Market mainstays, and then onto the international stage with virtually every wine we have created being noted with awards.

All of our wines are 100% produced from Alberta-grown crops of raspberries, strawberries, wild black cherries, black currants and saskatoon berries, with at least 75% of the fruit being picked and supplied from our own farm.

Dominic Rivard, Winemaker for Field Stone Fruit Wine 

Field Stone Fruit Wines’ premium products have been developed by Dominic Rivard, internationally-renowned and award-winning wine master, a recognized specialist in fruit wine, dessert wine, and ice wine production.

With over 20 years experience, for Dominic, wine is in the blood. Hailing from the Gaspe Peninsula in Quebec, Canada, he is descended from a long lineage of farmers and winemakers whose ancestry can be traced to the cider-making Burgundy Region of France. By age 17, he was already passionate about experimenting with making wines from fruits, dandelions, concord grapes and rhubarb. Dominic, a qualified sommelier with additional accreditation in winemaking and oenology, is a founding director of the Fruit Wines of Canada Association, which promotes fruit wines and the industry throughout Canada. He has won hundreds of awards and medals in national and international wine competitions, including gold, silver, and bronze medals and “Best of Category” honours for Field Stone’s own Alberta-based Winery.

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