We are in the presence of one of the oldest and most natural forms of high density vine cultivation. The reasons for this success, which has lasted for three thousand years, are easy to explain, as it was the best formula, being technically adaptable to land with different climatic conditions. However, the management costs are considerably higher than other systems more commonly used today, because this system requires manual care for every plant. But the choice of Antonio Moretti cannot be explained only with the philological and historic recovery of the grape cultivation in Sicily because in the end it was his desire to make a very unique wine that pushed him towards “ad alberello”. The pruning allows a perfect reaction with maximum light all hours of the day and the close proximity of the terrain allows an exchange of heat, ideal for the ripening of the fruit through optimum photosynthesis. In the ripening phase the leaves in this form of culture cover the bunches, therefore allowing lesser oxidation of the polyphenolic and aromatic substances and of the organic acids. The result is therefore a unique fruit that makes a round wine with a degree of technological and polyphenolic ripening suitable to the vine.

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