Fenelon Falls Brewing Co. was founded by husband and wife, Vinh and Agatha. Vinh immigrated to Canada in the 1970s, arriving in Fenelon Falls not knowing a soul, a word of English, or really having a place that felt like home. That didn’t last long. The town welcomed his family unequivocally in every way. It’s the great Canadian story.

Agatha is first generation Canadian of Polish ancestry (and she speaks fluent Polish, so be sure to say cześć!). She was born into the entrepreneur spirit and, as the child of immigrants, learned firsthand the value of taking risks in the service of building a life. 

Fenelon Falls Brewing Co. is an expression of all of that—accepting opportunities, and applying the effort necessary to put a bit of good into the world. It’s a way of saying thanks, playing part in the life of the community, and paying forward the tradition of hospitality that has meant so much to them.

Fenelon Falls Brewing Co.'s brewing philosophy is to keep their ingredients simple and their processes to a minimum to make beer that allows the flavours and aromas to shine through. Of course, all of their beer is brewed with no additives and no preservatives. The way it should be.

Located in the Kawartha Lakes, Fenelon Falls sits at the intersection of the history, environment, and cultural life that make the region so unique. Pioneers, villains, Titanic survivors, and kindly gentlemen—the town is full of stories that are worth being told. Through our beer and our events, we’d like to help tell them.

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