A centre stage player of the Italian golden years, VERDICCHIO’s official mother, a wine whose history is interwoven with Italy’s.
A desire to reaffirm its identity and reappropriate its leading role in Italy, and take its place in the Italian wine salon as Verdicchio’s ambassador and spokesperson.


A RENEWED RESPONSIBILITY: The Angelini family is returning to Fazi Battaglia today, not simply to continue the quality and innovative journey started in the 1950s, but also to take up the gauntlet of great representative of Italy’s authentic winemaking identity once again. It is an overt responsibility, which is fully in line with the Bertani Domains production philosophy. The Bertani Domains group is owned by Angelini and encompasses some of the best names in Italian winemaking (Bertani, Puiatti, Val di Suga, Tre Rose, San Leonino), all companies which focus on respect for terroir and exalting the identity of native grape varieties. And all this in the name of transparency and rigorous production methods.


Fazi Battaglia was set up in 1949 when two families – Fazi and Battaglia – joined forces in a small wine estate in the town of Cupramontana, but it was the Angelini family just a few years later which made the company into a historic Italian wine making brand. And all this thanks to courage and an intuition which can be summed up in two fundamental and decidedly innovative choices for the era: investing strongly in vineyard improvment (in an era in which quality considerations were still a very long way from being central to Italian winemaking) and, at the same time, a strong belief in a single vine, Verdicchio. Two choices which were ahead of their time and made Fazi Battaglia a standard bearer for the promotion of production areas like the Marche region and one of the great native Italian vines.

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