The Farm is a vineyard in the heart of the Niagara’s wine region producing world class Pinot Noir.

Originally this 10 acre vineyard was harvested by Le Clos Jordanne to produce their single vineyard Pinot Noir “La Petite Colline” (the little hill) under the watchful eye of winemaker Thomas Bachelder. For ten years La Petite Colline was considered the jewel of Le Clos Jordanne’s portfolio.

In 2011 Thomas Bachelder introduced the Neudorf family to Domaine Queylus – a passionate group of entrepreneurs from Montreal who had just established a vineyard and winery in Niagara. Today most of the grapes harvested at THE FARM are used in the production of Domaine Queylus’s award winning wines but a small quantity is held back by the Neudorfs to produce THE FARM Pinot Noir.

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