Since 1885, 6 generations have shaped the history of the BOUGRIER FAMILY.

It all started in 1885, when Achille GUENAULT-COUSIN discovered the Plateau des Hauts Lieux en Touraine in the Commune of Saint Georges sur Cher. Taken of Passion for this Terroir and for the potential of his wines, he never left him to create the Domaine GUENAULT.

Since then, several generations have participated in the development and fame of our terroirs and Appellations on this great vineyard that is the Loire Valley: Maria Guenault, Maurice Bougrier and Jean Claude Bougrier, 4th generation, worked successively in this wa

Since his arrival at the head of the House in 1988, Noël BOUGRIER, fifth generation, has given a new dimension to the Family House.
First of all, it made it possible to realize the dream of the previous generations by widening the cover of the House to the whole Loire Valley from Sancerre to the Pays Nantais with the successive creations of our 3 cellars: Les Caves Touraine in Touraine in 1995, Caves of Angevine in Anjou in 2000 and Caves de la Nantaise in Muscadet in 2008.

Finally, through these trips, he became a true ambassador of our vineyard by developing the image of our House ... That's why our wines are now served on some of the biggest tables in the world.

In 2015, it was Nicolas BOUGRIER who made his entry into the family home and it is now 2 generations working side by side to carry out our only goal: To reveal the best expression of the Loire Valley. , with the greatest respect for people and our soil.

Sophie BOUGRIER, Nicolas's sister, is never very far to represent the House in France and abroad.

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