Welcome to Éric Texier Wines

Éric Texier Wines come from three distinguished French wine regions, each with a long and remarkable history of winemaking : Northern Rhône,Southern Rhône, and Mâconnais. Éric produces terroir driven and distinctive wines, and is careful to meet the highest quality standards required for markets demanding authenticity.

Each wine is carefully hand crafted with a single minimalist winemaking approach in order to allow for the expression of the terroir and to maximize enjoyment.

Travelling around the vineyards searching for high quality terroirs, Éric has developed the ability to determine the best local places to make his wines. Whether re-discovering a nearly forgotten viticulture area like Brézème or finding the best sources in the Côtes du Rhône villages, his philosophy always follows his heart which remains true to the terroir.

The minimalist intervention Éric practices in his winemaking approach is also implemented in the vineyard, with natural methods such as ploughing and cover planting rather than the use of chemical products. In vineyard management, he chooses to respect both vines and earth by preferring organic methods.

Exact steps of vinification will vary depending on the vintage, terroir and varietal but the philosophy remains constant with the goal of providing the grapes the best possible environment to ferment with minimal intervention.

The first vinification period in takes place in the local viticulture area, meaning different cellars according to each wine. During the next phase, the wines are aged in a naturally cool cellar built in the XVIII th century in the north of Lyon. The wines are primarily aged in traditional oak barrels (228 L) or demi-muids (450 L) barrels though some large casks are also used. The use of new oak is limited in order to allow the wines to fully express the terroir.

Éric’s production covers a range of 20 different wines, each offering a unique and distinctive character, all carefully hand crafted in order to allow maximum care and enjoyment.

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