Simply Put, Emandare Vineyard Is Our Home And We Are Privileged To Work Alongside Nature To Capture A Glimpse Of This Place In Every Bottle

At Emandare Vineyard you will often hear this phrase; “Wine is grown, not made.” Proprietors, Mike and Robin Nierychlo are firm believers that being responsible stewards of their land is what creates and captures the quality of their terroir driven wines.

Both Mike and Robin will tell you that it’s not the skills and abilities of either one of them individually, it is the effort they are able to put forward as two loving people together that has allowed Emandare the success that it has seen up to this point. In their garage Mike began making wine as a hobby with premium grapes that were sourced from grape growers throughout BC. Every year, production seemed to increase and so did quality. Along the way there were some incredible successes and some epic failures.

During those many years, his passion for wine increased exponentially. With very little formal wine education but a lot of passion and countless hours reading, exploring and tasting, Mike found himself obsessed with this “hobby.” He then became fully submerged into the wine industry in a media capacity through his online video blog. Interviewing many, many wine personalities from around the world and tasting the wines that came with them, he began to notice certain wines that truly stood above the rest. As he continued his journey, he began to notice wines that tasted more like somewhere instead of something. He began to ask what made these wines so different from all the rest? As he continued to rub shoulders with top wine producers and hone in his education, he soon discovered that these wines all had several major things in common which is what has led to the philosophy behind the wines of Emandare.

The wines are produced on a premium piece of land perfectly suited for grape growing. They are 100% estate grown, organically farmed, dry farmed and the vinification is allowed to take place naturally without commercial yeasts and other additives that dictate a recipe. Simply put, Emandare Vineyard is our home and we are privileged to work alongside nature to capture a glimpse of this place in every bottle


The Emendare Vineyards Wine Tasting Room Experience

It will be our absolute pleasure to tell you more about our journey into the wine world next time you stop by the tasting room. We are open THURSDAY – SATURDAY 11am – 6pm (May – September). Or by appointment. During regular wine shop hours, tastings are free. We appreciate advance notice for groups over 10 people. For tours and tastings outside of our regular wine shop hours (Groups of 6 minimum): $5/person for tasting,  $10/person for tour & tasting. (appointment necessary)


At the end of the day, what’s in your glass is not as important as who you are sharing it with.” –  Mike & Robin Nierychlo


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