In April 2002, Laurent Michel Givry, a native of Toulouse, France and a veteran of the wine industry, started Elite Wines with small, eclectic, and yet good valued wines from France and Spain. The reception was very encouraging and inspiring and with such support from the marketplace it is no surprise that in such a short time, we were able to expand to include virtually all other regions of France and Spain as well as Australian, New Zealand, Argentine, Chilean, German, and of course American wines to our portfolio.

As diverse, unique, and interesting as our portfolio, so are the people of Elite Wines. Many have called our group exceptionally dynamic. And with so many different cultures and backgrounds within the company, diversity is almost guaranteed; but what makes the staff at Elite Wines very special is their individuality, accessibility, enthusiasm, and professionalism. It is a place of work where the individual's strength and potential are recognized, encouraged, and nurtured to form a strong and unified group; a group that recognizes service and relationships as core values.

Thank you again for your interest in Elite Wines and our products. We hope to grow and evolve with our customers and producers as we continue to seek excellence in quality, value and service.


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