Revealing the Winegrower

We are many things ... professional winemaker, enologist, viticulturalist, garagiste, thinker, dreamer, impassioned fools pursuing a dream. With an indescribable calling to tend the land and the responsibility of sheparding what the land gives us into wine, it is the word "winegrower" that we most identify with. This word is derived from the French word 'viticulteur,' one who both cultivates their vineyards AND makes wine from the grapes they've grown. One part 'winemaker,' one part 'grower'. These two are inextricably linked. Separtating the two is unimaginable.

Who we are has a tremendous influence over how we do the things we do. The fingerprint an individual leaves on the wines they touch is like the fingerprint itself ... no two are alike. Just as a wine can be a reflection of the place and time from which it originates, it inevitably reveals the soul of the individuals involved in its creation.

Tom & France Fitzpatrick, Winegrowers

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