The combination of altitude, climate, soils poor in organic matter and winemaking tradition and passion passed down from generation to generation Cafayate make an exclusive and unique terroir in the world. A HIDDEN TREASURE MORE THAN 1700 METERS. Cafayate is located in the Valleys area Calchaquies -zona of the highest vineyards in the world between the Sierra de Quilmes and Aconquija in the southwest of the province of Salta. POOR IN ORGANIC MATTER AND DESERT CLIMATE The mineral components of these soils influence the vine giving it unique properties to the plant and allowing them to have a controlled growth. The planting of the vines is done the traditional way, studying each portion of soil. The climate is hot and dry, with a diurnal temperature range of 18-20 ° C, which is reflected in the re cool mornings, warm afternoons and cold nights. Poor rains concentrated in the summer months; in this way the risk can be controlled in seeking balanced plants, using meltwater from alluvial cones. FRUIT OF CAFAYATE The combination of these factors means that during the last months of the ripening grapes -January to April - it made a long slow ripening, seeking the perfect ratio of pulp and skin in berries, to achieve a higher concentration of tannins , aromas and colors in our wines.

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