Although we hail from Chicago, we met in Munich at the Doemens Institute while studying for our Master Brewer Certifications. While bonding over the great beers and food of Bavaria, we soon discovered a mutual respect for the traditional brewing methods of continental Europe. As two educated brewers cut from similar stock, we decided to join our talents and shared vision into a stronger form, like a dovetail joint.

Our goal is to produce beer of the highest quality similar to the level of craftsmanship found in fine woodworking. We are merging continent European styles and techniques with American creativity to produce the kind of beers found in small, family-run breweries in Europe.

The dovetail joint is the classic symbol of quality and craftsmanship that we strive to bring to our beer. As two brewers joining together to make a stronger form, we are open-hearted alchemists who savor life through a passion for brewing. We brew like monks (minus the vows) and believe that brewing is a fine balance of art and science, hard work and fun. We respect both traditional brewing methods and modern brewing creativity to create sublime beers that play on all of the senses and uplift our customers.

Hagen Dost spent 20 years in product development, first as a mechanical engineer and then in marketing as a product manager. He was born and raised in Chicago’s Lincoln Square neighborhood, attended Lane Tech and the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. One of his earliest memories is of winemaking in his grandparents’ Chicago basement and tasting the fresh pressed grape juice. He has lived in California and Switzerland and has spent an inordinate amount of time exploring the brewing world of continental Europe.

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