Mission and Values

An excellent wine is nothing but the most faithful expression of the vineyard.

For that reason, we are passionate artists and details lovers when it comes to taking care of our vineyards, and we have absolute respect for varietal and territorial traits.

We believe that the Argentinean Malbec has unique personality and that these soils have a great potential for producing other super premium varieties.

Diversity and Innovation

Doña Paula’s innovative spirit is reflected in our incessant and meticulous search for diverse terroirs to elaborate high quality wines.

We own estates in the best wine growing areas of Argentina, under different soil, height and climate conditions.

We constantly introduce innovations in what respects to work in the vineyards according to each estate soil and climate conditions. For instance, we have implemented an alternative trellis systems such as Gobelet in the rocky soils of Finca Alluvia. This allow us to treat each plant as an individual and obtain a low yield in a natural way.

Doña Paula’s diversity and innovation are also reflected in our choice of varieties that are not traditional in Argentina. Very good examples of this are Doña Paula’s outstanding Sauvignon Blanc and the planting of Casavecchia, Ancellota, Riesling, Petit Verdot, Grenache, Touliba, and Aglianico, among other varieties, which were strategically chosen not to be sold but to carry out vinification experiments by cloning these species.


Our motto and main corporative principle is “deliver the best that the Argentinean terroir can offer.” Thus, we aim at being a benchmark of quality and becoming an important Argentinean participant in the wine industry, recognized for our super premium wines.

Our enologists are free to “play” as they wish, they have all the necessary tools and technology to create a unique character in wines so that they can obtain their own personality. Precisely that is the reason why Doña Paula has been able to experiment and, thus, achieve its special way of making wine, its varieties, and acquire a particularly classical style.


We strongly believe that the selected moment to harvest and precise work at the winery are fundamental for the imprint we want to leave in our wines. Thus, technology plays an essential role in Doña Paula’s universe.

The new wine is transported in medium-size tanks (total capacity: between 40,000 and 50,000 liters), in which the winery’s Reserva wine is made (using specific vinification, extraction and methodology), and ends its trip in small capacity tanks (between 10 and 3,000 liters), in which the different wines are made with specific vinification and an ageing potential suitable for each line. There are also cement pools, historically advantageous for their thermal inertia, as they make the wine less prone to temperature changes.

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