Situated in the town of Las Pedroñeras and at the north end of La Mancha, the main Spanish wine region, Dominio de Punctum distinguishes itself by its exclusive estate production and the singularity of its organic and biodynamic wines.

In Dominio de Punctum we turn our estate grown grapes into world class organic and biodynamic wines according to the tradition handed over for centuries in Spain and by the modern means of a sustainable agriculture and winemaking.

Founded and owned by the Fernandez family, “Finca Fabian” estate currently includes over 150 hectares of vineyards. The winery is located adjacent to the vineyards allowing for keeping the maximum quality in the production of the whites, reds, young and aged wines.

Organic & Biodynamic Value

Dominio de Punctum is committed to deliver unique, value added products and pursue this through biodynamic agriculture in order to achieve a wine that stands out not only for the beauty of its aroma or delicacy on the palate but for being natural and authentic, free of any chemicals, and also being part of a farming philosophy that is aiming towards the future, understanding how to manage nature to deliver top quality grapes and wines while taking care of the environment, by improving it instead of spoiling it.

Organic farming is a traditional method, consisting of working on the fields and winery as it was done until last century before the introduction of common chemicals used for the farming and food industries. At Dominio de Punctum we do not use pesticides, herbicides, synthetic fertilizers on the soil or chemicals in the winery, therefore our wines are free of any trace of them.

Biodynamic agriculture is yet another step forward. Vineyards are an ecosystem full of life and what we do is to work together with the ecosystem, such as the soil where the vines feed, and respect the natural life cycle of the vines throughout the year, so that we enhance its characteristics and achieve the highest quality grapes and wines.

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