This method was born in the 90s, it comes from the thought of Alain and Philippe Viret who applied Aboriginal and energy principles in their field. She joined the fundamental principles of organic and biodynamic cultures. It opens new horizons on bioenergy principles. Cosmoculture® The main objective of providing solutions to farmers to balance, and save the living reénergétiser balances and ecosystems. Water is the fundamental support of cellular life, she is the main element and organizer of the life and culture of this mode.


On a magical place full of history "of the hills of heaven" (Roman era), our vineyard is worked cosmoculture® (certified organic) since 1990. We have worked since 1999 on the great wines in a real cathedral built of stone Bridge Gard according to the rules of the architecture of the great builders. We assume that wine is a living product that follows the natural cycles and influences. We built this winery in the continuity of our vineyard working philosophy to put wine in optimal conditions.


Since 1999, we produce authentic wines and pure in the rules of great ethics respecting the balances wine and food wine concept. This is to go even further in search of our quest, we decided, while bringing our personal touch, to reconnect with the past by going to the reintroduction project of wine amphorae. First the domain, and then in France, through a charter and a growers group led by the same passion and sharing strong convictions, in a well-conducted agriculture, be it organic, biodynamic or cosmoculture®, as long as we respect ethical.


"For wine is meant all tourism activities, recreation and leisure, dedicated to the discovery and cultural enjoyment and oenophile of the vine and wine terroir" Definition of wine by Vintur, the European area of wine tourism. Come discover our site, our cathedral cellar and taste our wines Monday to Saturday from 9am to 12pm and 14pm to 18pm Sunday and group reservation. Our facilities are also available for rent for your family or business events. Do not hesitate to visit us, we are waiting. 

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