Tucked in the middle of the Sancerre region is the Domaine Vincent Delaporte and Sons, a family business that has passed from father to son since the 17th century. The winery is located in the charming village of Chavignol, also famous for its goat cheese. Today, the domain flourishes thanks to the over 30-year-old vocation of Jean-Yves Delaporte (Vincent’s son) together with his wife and son, Nathalie and Matthieu.

Every single wine of our production has been harvested on our property that is spread on over 24 hectares, rich in 75% of the noble and very old variety ofSauvignon, and for the rest, of the most delicate and elegant of the red grape variety – the Pinot Noir. At the domaine, we cherish and respect the environmentand the terroir, which are the core sources of our work and the legacy we want to share with the future generations.

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