The Richeaume story begins in the United States of America, when Henning Hoesch was teaching canonical law at Yale University. There he realized that progress was so often achieved at the cost of nature. Consequently, he looked for a place to put his vision of a return back to agricultural traditions into reality. In 1972, together with his wife Julia, between Rousset and Puyloubier he found  Domaine Richeaume, comprising an area of 65 hectares.

The Domaine lies in the foothills of Mont Sainte Victoire which inspired the painter Paul Cezanne to paint some of his most famous landscapes. Numerous Roman relics have been found and the Templers were there in the medieval period.

In 1972 the Domaine was largely dilapidated and producing a low quality “mass production” wine. This was the starting point for Henning Hoesch to realise his dream of building an ecological sound agricultural business [when terms like “bio” and “ecology” were scarcely known]. Starting from just 3 hectares under cultivation, over the following decades extensive terraces were built on the most favourable places to produce top quality wines like “Les Terrasses” and “Cuvée Columelle”. , Both of these wines are highly classified by experts and wine critics including Parker and Johnson.

Today, Domaine Richeaume reflects the passion of Henning Hoesch: inspired by the grandeur of the landscape he has established a successful ecological business whilst restoring the old buildings and constructing an architecturally stunning cellar complex. Henning Hoesch and Domaine Richeaume have brought the best out in each other.

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