Pujol Izard is a union of two wine making families which decided to unite their strengths and share the work within the frame of their expansion, by creating an 80 ha winery, with a various and exhaustive range of wines. 

Three wine makers, two brothers Jean-Claude and Yves Pujol and a friend from childhood André Izard have the same education in making wine as well as common interests. Distribution of the tasks was done naturally, following the rhythm of the company each of them specialising in one particular field : 

André Izard control of the vineyards, 
Yves Pujol machinery and cellar, 
Jean-Claude Pujol wine making, sales and management. 

Everyone participates to all works around the winery, putting forward their talents. André Izard talks about the vineyards and the plants in the pages about the wine plants. 

As for Yves Pujol, apart from his work in the cellar, he is a mechanical engineer. "Machines are supporting us, saving us from some painful works, while saving us time. They require attention. They require permanent maintenance, and sometimes immediate reparation. One has to know how to listen to them, in order to get around their immediate problem." 

Jean-Claude Pujol is responsible for the general managing. Like any company manager he shows the spirit of availibility and decision making capacities which are necessary in every moment. His work also includes reading of the technical and accountant analysis, the choice of wine blends, and certain investments. Jean-Claude is your point of contact. With lots of personal involvement he sets the company orientations after indept studies. "I enjoy the contact with people. Getting to know each other is the only way to really communicate in order to answer their needs, the evolution of tasks, the exchange of views... talking about wine is a subject very interesting!"

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