Domaine Pierre Frick is linked to the vineyard for twelve generations and now treats 12 ha vineyard. 

It is run by Jean-Pierre and Chantal Frick, and their son Thomas Frick. 

The plots are spread across a dozen predominantly limestone soils, distant extremes of 15 km. These very diverse terroirs by their soil and exposure, the main ones are: Grand Cru Steinert (Pfaffenheim), Grand Cru Vorbourg (Rouffach) and Grand Cru Eichberg (Eguisheim) Bihl, Rot Murle, Bergweingarten, Lerchenberg, Careers (Krottenfues) Strangenberg and, in 1970 already, Peter and Annette Frick had converted the Domaine to organic, holistic approach to the health of soil, plants ... and consumers. It excludes the use of herbicides, soluble fertilizers and chemical treatments synthesis. In order to increase the vitality of soils, vines and wines, Jean-Pierre grown biodynamic vineyards since 1981 (Demeter).   

In the cellar, we do not manufacture, we raise authentic wines, healthy and alive. Picking grapes is manual. They are pressed whole, without crushing in a pneumatic press. The juice fermented with their natural yeast without adding sulfite prior to fermentation and are not enriched with either sugar or subtraction of water (inverse osmosis or vacuum boiling). Acidity is not corrected. The wines are racked one or more times. Maturing on fine lees takes place in old oak barrels for six to nine months or more. Without bonding, without flash-pasteurization or other physical or chemical treatment, the wines are simply filtered through cellulose plates (no sterile filtration) before bottling. This step brings more finesse to the wine, without impoverishing and destabilizing in its intrinsic structure. The wines receive a minimum addition of sulfites before bottling. Thus, each of our wines express the initial balance born of the soil, the vintage and care that we bring to the vine. Since 1999 , we also breed wines vinified and bottling without added sulfites "organic wines - Zero sulphite added ".  It is fermented grape juice with no additives. We disclaim today all varieties of Alsace wines' zero added sulfite "including the Black and White sweet wines. To preserve the purity of the wine and protect the organoleptic deviations, we replaced the cork by a capsule stainless since 2002. This shutter (inspired by the Champagne) also ensures a homogeneous maturation over time and a good guard for all bottles of the same wine. Our area is part of the small circle of exclusive winemakers-growers. We exclusively and fully sell our production.

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