For a few years now, Antoine and Rachel Olivier have been managing all of the activities of the Domaine with one aim: Combining modernity and respect of Burgundian soils; and with the hope that you will enjoy tasting our wines as much as we enjoyed making them. 

In the vineyard

No chemical weeding, ploughing, biological control, yield control and manual grape picking in order to obtain the soundest and ripest grapes which can fully express the characteristics of their soils.

In the cellar

Systematic and manual sorting of grapes, long traditional winemaking process, maturing of wine exclusively in oak barrels. Wine-making processes and maturing of wine are managed in the respect of each appellation and each terroir’s specificities, favouring the expression of finesse and elegance of Pinot Noir and of Chardonnay which are unique grape varieties on the estate.

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