Who would think that planting a vineyard in Ripon was possible? After testing out the idea at their former residence in Cantley, Jean-Pierre Foucault and Linda Boulianne decided to broaden their horizons and build a retirement project in the Petite-Nation. Despite a few worries about what they might be getting into, the couple put their shared interests of art and culture together and set out to bring their dream and passions to life.

It was in the spring of 2002 that the Foucault family acquired what was to become a few years later the Domaine Mont-Vézeau Vineyard and Strawberry Farm. Looking for high visibility, they chose a fine, easily accessible location located on both sides of highway 321.

Since then, they have completely transformed the old farmhouse, reworked the fields and built the necessary infrastructure to allow the business to run smoothly. From 2003 to the present, they have gradually expanded their vineyard to 9000 vines comprising a good number of red and white grape varieties.

With the aim of expanding their sales, developing new products and promoting their vineyard, the owners began strawberry farming and planted their first two-and-a-half acres of different varieties in the spring of 2007. Another two-and-a-half acres were added a year later to insure effective crop rotation and increase production.   

In January 2008 Domaine Mont-Vézeau became the first vineyard in the Petite-Nation to obtain an operating license. Near the end of that year they also were authorized to begin developing and producing a range of berry-based alcoholic beverages.

In order to provide more flexibility and a better crop management, the owners bought in 2009 the land adjacent to theirs. This new acquisition, in addition to allow more space for growing strawberries and a new raspberry plantation, will give more emphasis to the Domaine name since it is directly situated at the foot of Mont-Vézeau.

Overall the Domaine has a total of 75 acres.

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