History of the Estate


Great-uncle of Jean-Pierre Lafond, Pascal Odoyer, governor of Tavel is a pioneer in viticulture and property will be passed from generation to generation.


The maternal grandfather of Pascal Lafond, Valery Taulier, built the first private cellar in Tavel.Wine merchant owner, he contributed enormously to the development of the appellation Tavel creating close economic and trade links with the Burgundian and major Swiss importers.


Jean-Pierre Lafond, son of Valery Taulier, decided to create the current cellar. Passionate about horses, it takes the name of a famous trotter Roquepine, transforms spelling to give it a Provencal touch. Thus was born the Domaine Lafond Roc-Epine.


Pascal, the son of Jean-Pierre Lafond, arrived in the area and they decide together the marketing of wine in bottles Domain. (Tavel, Lirac and Cotes du Rhone).


Jean-Pierre and Pascal cross the Rhone! Domaine spans the Châteauneuf du Pape, through the purchase of 87 acres of a vineyard ... Either 4000 bottles only.


The decision is made! We spend all the property in "organic". What is the big family of organic farming? We disclaim use pesticides, herbicides and other synthetic products. It remains to protect the vine, the only elements present in nature ie sulfur and copper. The only treatments are permitted leachable contact products by rain and which do not penetrate into the plant.


The domain is passed in organic farming after 3 years of convertion!

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