"The secret of a great Cahors is summed up in patience and modesty of the winemaker ..."  Maurin BERENGER. 

Domain "The Bérangeraie" 

A 30 hectares of hillside vineyards over 35 years old perched 174 meters autoire plateau Grézels. Here stands the area "The Bérangeraie " terroir red veined siderolithic grèzes, iron stone, bauxite and clay. Environment for the less wild, isolated moors ... a wood landscape of hills and poor soilcradle of the oldest vineyards of Cahors . It is in its origins as the field "The Bérangeraie" draws its character , its typical.

The story of a family ... The story of an adventure of our parents, in 1971, buying a ruin with no access, no water, no electricity and decided to revive an old vineyard on the edge of oblivion. This is the year of birth of the AOC Cahors and the beginning of a life of obstinacy and convictions 

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