Our organic vineyards at the Amyndeo plateau in the far North-west of Greece include old to very old Xinomavro vines, the younger Assyrtiko, Cabernet Sauvignon and the almost forgotten Limniona. Our wines range from the sparkling Karanika Brut, our red Xinomavro/Limniona Cabernet blends and our razor-sharp white Assyrtiko to the luscious rose wine from Xinomavro.

Karanika’s winemaking philosophy is minimal handling of grapes and wines with few chemical additions. We follow nature, instead of trying to control it. That means: no pumping to transport must and wines, but gravity, piegage, adding only sulfites and Montmorillonite clay to the wine, and the use of ‘homeopathic’ sprays in the vineyard. We work according to Maria Thun’s biodynamic calendar in the winery and vineyard therefore our wines ‘breathe terroir’, are crystal clear, very aromatic and have considerable length. No bombastic heavyweights but straightforward honest wines.

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