Jean-Marc Brocard learnt about working in the vineyard from Emile Petit, his father-in-law, and «P’tit» Louis, a distant relative. These two people shared all their knowledge and experience on the art of vinegrowing  and winemaking with him. It is all about balance. It is a harmony between over four centuries of accumulated knowledge and the vision of the young Jean-Marc Brocard.

In 1973 Jean-Marc settled in Préhy and built his own cellars in the middle of the vineyards. After years of hard work and many visitors to the Domaine the high quality of Jean-Marc Brocard’s wines is recognised throughout France and the global market.

"To produce things and to rear them, to produce, but not to take possession of them, to act, but not to rely on one's own ability, to lead them, but not to master them"_Lao Tseu

Nowadays Jean-Marc is gradually handing over the company to his son, Julien, a qualified engineer whose passion for and fresh outlook on the vine and its environment has brought another aspect of vinegrowing to Préhy. An advocate of biodynamic culture, he applies its principles to the soil, the vines and the cellar.

We place the vine at the heart of its environment and use preparations made from beneficial plants to stimulate its immune system. The work in the vineyards and in the cellars is carried out according to the lunar cycle.

The principles of biodynamic and organic culture are applied to the majority of our vineyards. We continue our work always with the aim of improving the quality of our products.

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